Finding Tohoku

Finding Tohoku

Finding Tohoku

Finding Tohoku

Finding Tohoku

Snowgenic Tohoku 3 The Magical Hot-spring Town in the Snow

The Magical Hot-spring Town in the Snow

Ginzan Onsen

Ginzan Onsen
Ginzan Shinhata, Obanazawa-shi, Yamagata 999-4333

Approx. 40 minutes by Ginzan Hanagasa-go bus from JR Oishida Station.


Ginza Onsen Information

Clothes for rent are available in the entrance of Ginzan Onsen, Airasugena (l’rasgayna).
Clothes can also be rented as part of the Ginzan Villa (Ginzanso) accommodation option in the winter (after the snow falls).

A quiet bus stop under some large icicles.
The bus that came here was really cute and retro.
I was impressed and automatically took lots of pictures.

A hot-spring town along the river, covered in snow.
Coming so far from Thailand, I wondered where I was now.
A smile unconsciously spread across my face at this strange feeling.

A female guide greeted us in Thai.
She also had a business card in Thai. I easily remembered her name: Nao.

We talked a lot while walking along the river.
“There are people who come here just to see the snow fall, but there are times when it doesn’t fall,” she said.
“Even though it’s very cold, we shouldn’t forget that we are lucky.”
Her words made me feel a great sense of kindness.

We went a little further, to a café in the heart of this hot-spring town.
I really liked the taste of the hot cocoa with marshmallows on top, which wasn’t overly sweet.
A warm rest in the afternoon of a snowy day.

Dusk. Gradations of dark blue fell, and the lamps in the street started to glow.
Everyone left their hotels and ryokans to enjoy this special time.
Everything had become more beautiful – this was an irreplaceable time to me as well.

The snow of this area made me feel different things at different times.
The emotions that I felt – I’m sure I still can’t put them into words.

photo by Atichat Chuthai(@abchuthai)

Hotels in TOHOKU

Where is TOHOKU?

The Tohoku region is made up of the six prefectures located between Tokyo and Hokkaido.
There is great beauty in the unknown wilderness, mountainous expanses, and humanity of these six prefectures.
This website introduces examples of travels in the Tohoku region, where history, culture, and tradition are seamlessly fused together in the fabric of everyday life.

Getting to TOHOKU