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PIMTHA, an incredibly popular social media influencer on Instagram from Thailand, is traveling in Japan to find photogenic locations in the Tohoku region based on the theme of “snow”. She is enthusiastic about gaining experiences she wouldn’t otherwise be able to have back in Thailand, and also meet with the local people. With this being her first time in wintry Tohoku, what spectacular spectacles will she create with a winter wonderland as her backdrop?


These enticing images on postcards inspired PIMTHA to take this trip: Akita Maiko (young women who entertain visitors with traditional Japanese dance and games), Kamakura (snow huts), Ginzan Onsen (a hot spring in Yamagata Prefecture), and a snowmobile experience. Although PIMTHA has already explored many different regions of Japan, this will be her first experience in the Tohoku area. Winter in Tohoku is an expansive snow-covered and scintillating scenery. Bursting with anticipation for the as yet unseen snowscapes of Tohoku, PIMTHA begins her snowgenic trip.

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Thanida Manalertruengkul
(Nickname: PIMTHA)
Born in Chiang Mai Province, Thailand
A popular social media influencer in Thailand
・ She posts daily selfies on social media, and introduces her lifestyle and travels.
・ Her Instagram quickly gathered support, mainly amongst young women who are interested in fashion, lifestyles, photography and/or travel.
・ PIMTHA lived as a university student in Japan and has had opportunities to travel to many different places in Japan.
・ After being inspired to visit Tohoku for the first time, PIMTHA is sharing her snowgenic photos, based on the themes of the Tohoku lifestyle and snow.

Hotels in TOHOKU

Where is TOHOKU?

The Tohoku region is made up of the six prefectures located between Tokyo and Hokkaido.
There is great beauty in the unknown wilderness, mountainous expanses, and humanity of these six prefectures.
This website introduces examples of travels in the Tohoku region, where history, culture, and tradition are seamlessly fused together in the fabric of everyday life.

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