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Renowned professional skier Cody is planning a ski trip to Japan, one of his favorite ski spots around the world. His trip will take him to Tohoku in winter-a first-time experience for Cody. What will he discover on this trip to the still unknown wonders of Tohoku's winter mountains with its unique regional culture and arts?


From Tokyo Station, Cody travels by high-speed rail on the Shinkansen to Aomori, close to Mt. Hakkoda.
After enjoying skiing on Mt. Hakkoda and a night of culinary delights in Hachinohe Yokocho, Cody will then travel to Urabandai in Fukushima for perfect powder snow and relaxing in an onsen (hot spring).
Looking forward to exploring new places to ski and encountering local arts and culture, Cody sets off on his journey to experience Tohoku Magic.

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About Cody Townsend

Cody Townsend is a professional skier and adventurer from Lake Tahoe, CA. Having wowed the world with his infamous “Line of the Year” to seeking to ski the biggest mountains in the world— from Alaska to the Himalaya, the Arctic Circle to South America— Cody is renowned for his absolute love of skiing and the constant search for good snow and great times.

Hotels in TOHOKU

Where is TOHOKU?

The Tohoku region is made up of the six prefectures located between Tokyo and Hokkaido.
There is great beauty in the unknown wilderness, mountainous expanses, and humanity of these six prefectures.
This website introduces examples of travels in the Tohoku region, where history, culture, and tradition are seamlessly fused together in the fabric of everyday life.

Getting to TOHOKU