A seascape reflecting the soul of Japan,
a land entwined with the sea


Views of Matsushima from a hot spring


The shallow waters of Matsushima Bay are studded with more than 260 islands, like stones in a Zen garden. Revel in the beauty of a landscape cloaked in morning mist from the hot-spring tubs of the region’s most celebrated spa hotel.

Matsushima is known as one of Japan’s three most beautiful landscapes. Beloved by the Japanese people for centuries, it has been the setting for many pivotal historical events, and graced famous works of poetry and literature. Matsushima’s peerless beauty was the inspiration for many endeavors by the legendary haiku master Matsuo Basho.

Matsushima is a collection of more than 260 islands scattered inside and outside the bay, the remnants of prehistoric mountaintops from before the area was flooded many millennia ago. This natural occurrence has created the distinctive island-dotted seascape that Matsushima is synonymous with.

The boats weaving in and around the islands afford gorgeous views of Matsushima that shift with the tides, the seasons and the mood of the sea.

Spanning along the coast, the Matsushima Ichinobo spa resort boasts a stunning unbroken view of Matsushima Bay. From the inviting open-air baths on the top floor, guests can soak in the rich natural beauty of the region. As the sun bobs on the horizon, a gentle breeze flits through the lush, green pine trees set against the deep blue sea, and overhead a starry sky unfolds to reveal an alabaster moon. From a vantage point so picturesque, it’s easy to see why the gorgeous, ever-changing views of Matsushima have been celebrated by so many legendary writers and artists, and draw thousands of visitors to this day.

Mist envelops the mountains of Matsushima

Matsushima Ichinobo
1-4 Hama, Takagi-Matsushima Town, Miyagi County, Miyagi Prefecture 981-0215
+81 22 353 3333
Check in/out:
Hot spring open hours:
12:00 – 15:00 (only lobby lounge and hot spring for visitors)
About 15 minutes on foot from JR Matsushima Station
You can enjoy hot springs where you can see the view of Matsushima Bay even on a day trip. The use time is 12:00 – 15:00 (last reception 14:30), bathing fee: 1500 yen for adult, 750 yen for elementary school student. Matsushima tour boat is from adults 1500 yen each, children 750 yen each.