The songs of the boat masters echo
throughout a deep, quiet valley

Geibikei Gorge

Geibikei Gorge

An expansive valley framed by sheer cliffs over 100 meters tall, the Geibikei Gorge stretches for nearly two kilometers along the Satetsu River. The only sounds which pierce the veil of quiet are the rustlings of trees, melodic calls of local birdlife, and the “Geibi Oiwake” ballads sung by the boatmen traversing the river. One of Japan’s 100 Best Landscapes, the appearance and atmosphere of this hidden scenic spot shifts with the changing of the seasons. Fresh greenery in the spring yields to schools of fish leaping through clear summer waters, and a dazzling tapestry of leaves in autumn. Winter brings the most dramatic transformation, with gorgeous flowing snow drifts that resemble the brushstrokes an ink-wash painting. A quaint 90-minute boat ride through the Geibikei Gorge lets travelers experience this profound beauty firsthand.

Photo: Coustesy of Geibi Tourism Center

Geibi Tourism Center
467 Nagasaka, Higashiyama Town, Ichinoseki City, Iwate Prefecture 029-0302
+81 191 47 2341
Open hours for boat trip:
8:30 – 16:30 (April 1 – August 31)
Please check for further details on the website
About 5 minutes on foot from JR Geibikei Station on Ofunato Line
You can enjoy the boat descent while enjoying the dynamic nature of Iwate in Shinonosei, which can be counted in one hundred Japanese scenery.
90 minute boat ride fee: adults are 1600 yen each and children are 860 yen each.

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