A storybook world of thatched roofs
high atop an old station town

Ouchi-juku (Post Town)

Ouchi-juku (Post Town)

Tucked among the Aizu mountains, a quaint little town full of thatched-roof houses appears as if out of a dream. The pastoral beauty of Ouchi-juku is like something out of the world of a storybook.

Over 400 years ago, the sleepy town became a waypoint along a major route, serving as a rest stop for weary travelers and lordly processions. In the modern age, the town’s appearance remains frozen in time thanks tireless efforts to preserve Ouchi-juku’s unique character. The town’s charter restricts the sale, leasing and demolition of historical buildings, ensuring that the town’s traditional roof-thatching techniques are passed down from generation to generation.

Several other traditions have been lovingly preserved, including stately parades and the ancient midsummer Hange Festival in July. In the winter, hundreds of lamps are placed in tiny igloos across the town during Ouchi-juku’s February snow festival, illuminating the thatched roofs with an otherworldly glow.

Come and experience the magic of ancient Japan in Ouchi-juku, a place where time stands still.

Photo: Coustesy of Ouchi-juku Tourism Association and Shimogo-town Tourism Association

Ouchi-juku Tourism Association
Yamamoto, Ouchi, Shimogo Town, Minami-Aizu County, Fukushima Prefecture 969-5207
+81 241 68 3611
About 10 minutes by car from Yunokami-Onsen Station on Aizu Line
A town-town where the buildings of the roof of a thief leaving the streets of the Edo period are connected. Snow festival in February, semi-summer festival in early July, and events such as disaster prevention drills are all held in September.