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Hasshoku Center (Restaurant and Market)

Hasshoku Center

Hasshoku Center (Restaurant and Market)

Hachinohe City’s Hasshoku Center offers visitors an authentic taste of Aomori. One of the region’s most famous food markets, the Hasshoku Center is a 170-meter-long street, dotted with some 60 shops selling fresh fish, vegetables and sweets. It also offers potent varieties of regional sake alongside a range of rare and unusual local ingredients. The bulk of the produce comes straight from the boats docked in Hachinohe Port or direct from nearby farms, representing the peak of freshness and quality.

The market is always bustling with locals and visitors, workers carrying crates filled with fish and produce, and store-keepers loudly encouraging shoppers to sample their wares. All of this combines to enhance the authentic charm of the experience.

The market also houses two dining sections—“Kuriya Stadium” and “Ajiyokocho”—offering a variety of culinary experiences. For a more hands-on meal, “Shichirin-mura” allows customers to grill their seafood purchases themselves over glowing charcoal braziers. The market also hosts staples such as a sushi and seafood rice bowl restaurants. With so many delicious choices, there’s guaranteed to be a flavor to suit every taste.

Hassyoku Center
22-2 Kansai, Kawaragi, Hachinohe City, Aomori Prefecture 039-1161
+81 178 28 9311
Open hours:
9:00 – 18:00
About 10 minutes by bus from JR Hachinohe Station
For the purpose of retailing for general customers while having the atmosphere of morning market, not only fish gourmet, ramen shop and cafe are also substantial.