An otherworldly reflection of pink petals
2,600 cherry trees bloom across the water

Hirosaki Cherry Blossoms Festival

Breathtaking scenes of cherry blossoms and their reflections

Hirosaki Cherry Blossoms Festival

In the far upper reaches of Japan’s main island, Aomori is known as the spiritual heart of the north. After a long and snowy winter, the region bursts to life in spring. Thousands of cherry trees bloom against the backdrop of an ancient castle, transforming the scenery into an otherworldly vision of pink petals reflected in still clear waters.

Blooming and falling almost in the blink of an eye, the fleeting appearance of the Aomori cherry blossoms marks the beginning of the new season. People gather from far and wide to witness their captivating and ephemeral beauty.

Extending half a square kilometer, Hirosaki Park celebrated the 100th anniversary of its famed Hirosaki Cherry Blossom Festival in 2017. The park is home to 2,600 cherry trees, over 400 of these classic Somei-Yoshino cherries recognizable by their puffy white flowers. Typically living between 60 and 80 years, the Somei-Yoshino of Hirosaki Park have stood for over a century thanks to the region’s refined pruning techniques. Complimenting the springtime scenery are the striking turrets of nearby Hirosaki Castle.

Other memorable attractions include a cherry blossom tunnel, the petal-covered castle moat, and the broadest Somei-Yoshino cherry tree in Japan. As darkness falls, soft lights cast a warm glow against the trees and reflects off the water, an enchanting tableau that invites visitors to feel the gentle touch of the coming spring.

A weeping cherry blossom tree frames Hirosaki Castle

A tunnel of cherry blossoms through the river

Hirosaki Tourism and Convention Bureau
+81 172 37 5501
This festival is usually held from 23rd April to 5th May.
Open hours of Hirosaki Castel:
7:00-21:00 during the festival
9:00-17:00 for other times
About 30 minutes on foot or about 15 minutes by bus from JR Hirosaki Station
It is counted in the “Three Major Cherry Blossoms in Japan”, a cherry blossom landmark representing Japan.
Entrance fee for Hirosaki Castel: Adults are 310 yen each and children are 100 yen each.