A taste of home
warms both body and soul

Kiritanpo Nabe (Kirintanpo Pot)

Kiritanpo Nabe(Kirintanpo Pot)

There is no better way to warm up from the icy chills of winter in Akita than with a steaming bowl of Kiritanpo Nabe. This soulful hot pot is made from slivers of burdock roots swimming in homemade chicken stock, maitake mushrooms, green leeks, Japanese parsley and bite-sized chunks of Kiritanpo—pounded rice molded on cedar skewers and toasted over an open hearth.

This local delicacy was born when local farmers would knead leftover rice and wrap it around wooden spits to roast over an open flame. The new dish was then coated in miso paste and enjoyed as a snack or cut up for stews. The recipe was passed down from generation to generation, preserving the unique taste of Akita’s home-cooking.

In the 19th century, restaurants in Akita Prefecture’s Oodate City brought this home-cooked delight to customers with their own unique twists. No matter where visitors hail from, the savory delight of Akita’s Kiritanpo Nabe brings the taste of home.

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In addition to the method of putting in a pot, there are methods to bake and eat with miso.
For details, please contact each restaurants.