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Tohoku, the northeast region provides so many unforgettable experiences!
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About this Tohoku travel

This is my second time to Japan. The last time I mainly shopped and took photos. I never knew that there were so many entertaining places in northeastern Japan! In the mountain bike lover's paradise of Hachimantai, I mountain biked and enjoyed the weather which brought us blue skies, white clouds, and sunshine. I kayaked in the calm water of Lake Tazawa; it was just like floating on a cloud. I tried my hand at SUP (stand up paddle boarding) and water yoga in Matsushima. It was entertaining and rejuvenating, and it was rare to have such a relaxing time. A local fisherman also took me to harvest oysters! This is the real "fresh from the sea" taste! I slurped down the freshly collected oysters on the beach. The harvest was abundant, and there is no better way to describe the experience than as delicious!

Main area of ​​this travel

  • Hachimantai mountain biking
    (Iwate Prefecture)

    This place is definitely worth visiting. In addition to providing the perfect combination of skiing and soaking in a hot spring, there are fireflies in the late summer. I even looked down on a sea of clouds from the mountains above when I went! The winding mountain roads make it a mountain bike enthusiasts paradise. Words cannot describe the feeling of cycling in and out of clouds as you ascend and descend on the mountain roads.
    There are different things to do all year around. Come with me!

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  • Lake Tazawa kayaking
    (Akita Prefecture)

    At seven o'clock in the morning, the mist-shrouded mountains are so beautiful. When I was kayaking into the middle of the lake, I suddenly felt like I was rowing in the sky. The calm water reflected the blue sky and white clouds. I heard that Lake Tazawa does not freeze in winter! I wonder what kind of scenery will be reflected in the middle of the lake on snowy winter days.

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  • Matsushima SUP
    (Miyagi Prefecture)

    I did stand up paddle boarding with an instructor in Matsushima, and also tried water yoga! These activities gave me a sense of tranquility because my mind could slow down as I took in the fresh air and relaxed. The most unexpected discovery here was an enchanting green light in a natural cave! It was mesmerizing. So much so that I thought there must be some kind of artificial lighting installed in the cave.

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  • Other Area

    • Oyster house

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Hachimantai mountain biking
(Iwate Prefecture)

The mountains in the northern part of the Ouyu Mountain Range - Hachimantai
Enjoy the thrill of riding in these magnificent mountains.

The scenery of the Hachimantai and Appi districts is bright and beautiful, with wide open spaces and gentle hills.
Aside from enjoying a fresh and breezy spring, or a pleasant summer, you can also witness the vibrant colors of Autumn. Each season has different scenery!
It was late by the time I reached Appi Kogen, and I was groggy from being on the road, but after looking up at the rings around the moon, I felt revitalized. When I arrived at the hotel, I could feel the chill of northeastern Japan.

This is also the location of one of the most popular cycling routes for mountain bike enthusiasts. Riding a bicycle in the mountains is more difficult than it looks. Under the guidance of an instructor, you can gain mountain biking skills and slowly experience the thrill of acceleration. I felt such a sense of accomplishment!
I dreamed about seeing a sea of clouds the night before, and I got to see it the next morning.
Words cannot describe the feeling of cycling in and out of clouds as you ascend and descend on the mountain roads.

Mount Iwate was at our backs as we were riding along the road. After mountain biking, I enjoyed delicious grape juice with the instructor!
I think the coolest thing about here is that the photos are just as beautiful as oil paintings, with a picturesque blue sky, white clouds, and sunshine. No filter necessary!

The recommended season for mountain biking is from June to late October.

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Lake Tazawa kayaking
(Akita Prefecture)

Kayaking on Lake Tazawa allows you to enjoy spectacular views of the lake and mountains.

Blue skies, white clouds, green trees, and mountains are reflected in the calm waters of the lake. The lake was crystal clear with beautiful turqouise blue fresh water. As the water deepens, the hue becomes more and more intense. The emerald lake, green trees by the lake, and mountains in the distance are simply beautiful!
Floating on the lake, you can observe the changing colors reflected on the water's surface, just like looking at the sky. The gradually shifting natural designs are captivating.
The kayaks come in two types: one seater and two seater. Both do not roll over easily so they are suitable for beginners.

In fact, in addition to Tokyo, Osaka, and Hokkaido, Japan really has a lot of other great places to go. My biggest discovery in the north is Lake Tazawa. Lake Tazawa is located in Akita Prefecture and is the deepest lake in Japan. It takes about 3 hours to get there by shinkansen from Tokyo. There are many hot spring hotels nearby, and the hot springs in the mountains are superb. At first I thought it was an ordinary lake. When I was kayaking to the middle of the lake, I suddenly felt like I was rowing in the sky. The calm water perfectly reflected the blue sky and white clouds. This water was unbelievably clear! I could see the kayak's shadow at the bottom of the lake! The misty look of the mountains is so beautiful. I feel like this area was made specifically for me to enjoy because it offers some of my favorite things like hot springs and water sports, and on top of that it is not crowded.

I heard that Lake Tazawa does not freeze in the winter! According to the locals, there are several reasons for it not freezing. One of them is because of the depth of the water. The water at the bottom of the lake is not easily affected by the outside temperature. Even in winter, it can maintain a relatively warm water temperature. I wonder what the scenery will look like in the middle of the snowy winter.
Half-day tours by kayak and rowboat are provided at the Tazawako Camping Ground.

The recommended season for Lake Tazawa kayaking is from June to October.

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Matsushima SUP
(Miyagi Prefecture)

Slow down and enjoy relaxation in nature - Matsushima SUP

Matsushima is one of the most famous spots in Sendai. You might not be surprised when you see Matsushima for the first time, but it is actually a group of islands consisting of more than 260 islands and is listed as one of the Three Great Views of Japan. It is a 45-minute drive from Sendai City in Miyagi Prefecture to Matsushima-cho. If you take the shinkansen from Tokyo Station, you can get there in about 2.5 hours.
The majestic scenery is also one of the most popular sightseeing spots in Japan.
Experience the popular outdoor sport SUP (stand up paddle boarding) in Matsushima's unique natural environment.

You can enjoy SUPing regardless of the season.
From beginners to experienced paddlers, you are free to choose from a variety of levels.
In Matsushima, I went stand up paddle boarding with an instructor and also tried water yoga. It was difficult, but I liked it.
Stand up paddle boarding is very challenging and exercises your core. After laying down on the board, I was so exhausted from exercising in the fresh air that I was gently rocked to sleep by the motion of the water.
The feeling that I got here is really very pleasant; I can slow down and enjoy this relaxing time.

The most unexpected discovery here was an enchanting green light in a natural cave! It was really amazing and beautiful. It is so remarkable that in photos, it looked like lighting equipment had been installed at the bottom of the cave.
In fact, Matsushima has a lot of beautiful scenery worth discovering.

The recommended season for Matsushima SUP is from April to November.

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Other Area

Minamisanriku-cho, which faces the Pacific Ocean, has flourished since ancient times because of its successful fishing industry and has been widely known as an oyster producer.
The oyster harvesting experience began in October, and the freshly caught oysters can be tasted directly on the beach. The harvest was abundant. There is no way to describe the experience other than "delicious"!
Pacific oysters are most delicious from the beginning of spring to the end of April.
In addition to oysters, there are scallops, sea squirts, etc., so you can arrange different harvesting activities according to the time of year. We can experience harvesting seafood all year long!

  • Oyster house

    It took about ten minutes to get to the oyster farm. It was really cool when I plucked the oysters from the sea under the captain's guidance!

    Period: late September to late March

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