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Ginzan Hot Spring

A moment of peace in a hot spring bath

Ginzan Hot Spring

Rumored to be an inspiration for the film “Spirited Away,” Ginzan Hot Spring is an old-fashioned spa town nestled amid the Oou mountains. Almost 500 years ago, the area’s natural hot springs were discovered when a local silver miner happened upon the gushing therapeutic waters of the Ginzan River. In the early 1900s, hot spring inns popped up along the banks of the river to accommodate the many folk flocking to bathe in the healing hot springs of Ginzan.

Fujiya Inn is one of the town’s most peaceful places to stay, a perfect blend of Japan’s timeless beauty and modernity. By nightfall, it looks even more atmospheric with gas lights illuminating the charm of the river and the picturesque bridges that cross it, an enchanting feature reminiscent of a Miyazaki film.

Fujiya was founded in the 16th century , but underwent exquisite 21st century renovations in the capable hands of architect Kengo Kuma, a renowned master of Japanese architecture. Guests stepping into the lobby find themselves in a space completely removed from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The exterior lobby and interior decor abundantly employ bamboo screens and shades of pale-green stained glass made with traditional methods. The hotel is decorated down to the finest detail. Even the sliding doors and walls are coated in the finest Japanese paper, and a soft aluminum adds a chic finish to this ambient inn. Fujiya Inn is a perfect example of reinterpreted Taisho-era design, transcending the borders of modernity and tradition. Nestled in the Ginzan Hot Spring town, Fujiya Inn is a mountain escape for guests to unwind amongst the misty mountains of this heavenly place.

Illuminated bridges cast a charming spell on the river at night

Light and shadows play against an elegant and modern Japanese setting

Ginzan Hot Spring Fujiya Inn
443 Shinpata Ginzan, Obanazawa City, Yamagata Prefecture 999-4333
+81 237 28 2141
Check in/out:
Hot spring open hours:
11:00 – 14:00
About 40 minutes by Ginzan Hanagasa Bus from Oishida Station, get off at Ginzan Onsen Bus Stop and about 2 minutes on foot
About 30km from Higashine Interchange Exit, Tohoku-chuo Expressway
It became the stage of “Spirited Away of Spirited Away” and “Oshin”, a hot spring town where the nostalgic atmosphere remains.
One-day bathing plan for adults is 1500 yen (excluding busy season)

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